Philippine Compensation Plan

-Royale’s Marketing Plan (Philippine Compensation Plan)

Royale Business Club provides Equal opportunity through its unique, fair and generous compensation plan.  Compared to other companies, Royale has produced more than 900 millionaires only after 8 years of operation because of its Balance Competitive Plan which is a Hybrid Multi level marketing, Unilevel & Binary Program.

Please take note that Philippines, UAE, Singapore ,Taiwan and soon to open offices in London and other countries have varying amounts for direct selling commission and team match sales bonus But the earning scheme is the same Because only the VaLues differ per country:

The Details Below is for  Philippines Compensation Plan:


Please note that more packages you purchased means higher Return on investment


Multiple account package - 1-3-7-15 and 31



Thru Product Usage – Aside from the lifetime up-to-30% discount that you are getting, you will still earn cash thru point system by just using the products. Royale has 3 types of point system for all products that turns into a cash rebate: UNILEVEL (UPV), MULTILEVEL (MPV) and PRODUCT POINTS VALUE (PPV).

Refer to the pricelist for the details and corresponding unilevel, multi level and product point values.

SAles/Repeat orders – No limit Nor quota for repeat order purchases. You can also mark up the Suggested Retail Price – SRP.

For those who will pay for the shipping , Remember to add the shipping cost to the suggested retail price to recover your cost.

In the below example, if you sell 10 Bottles of L Glutha Power then You can Have PHP5,040 (Profit of 504 x 10)


how to earn- 1


1. PACKAGE REBATES – For “every person that you will refer to buy a package worth PHP 14,790 (USD 328) ”, Royale will give you a direct referral commission of PHP 1,610 (USd 36) and a 150PPV (product points value) that also turns into cash. Details will be discussed in the next topic (team match sales bonus) below.

So, if you will have 4 direct referrals that will buy a package and will join Royale’, your total earnings would be PHP6,440 (Usd143).

php team match

2.TEAM MATCH SALES BONUS – This is where a lot of members/distributors can earn a lot because you create Your SalEs network to increase Your sales!

Once you join Royale, you will have teams A and B. Royale gives an additional Php 2,100 (usd47) for a pair on your team. Earning is Infinite as Your Sales network grow!


team match 2



3. POINTS ACCUMULATION – You also earn thru Product Package Value Points (PPV) because every product has equivalent points. (Refer to the price list for the corresponding value pts). This is ACCUMULATED based on your sales network performance and has “No expiration”.




Now, if the 4 members of A and B under your organization will also look for their own 2 referrals each, every month, until your organization grows, the conservative sales projection shows in just a year you can earn PHP 2,963,100.


team match projection



Please take note that this projection is very possible because this is a group effort of your sales network, and that’s already happening to all members/ distributors of Royale:


1 pair = 2,100 pesos

2 pairs = 4,200 pesos

4 pairs = 8,400 pesos

8 pairs = 16,800 pesos

16 pairs = 33,600 pesos

32 pairs = 67,200 pesos

64 pairs = 134,400 pesos

128 pairs = 268,800 pesos

256 pairs = 537,600 pesos

512 pair = 1,075,200 pesos


  1. UNILEVEL PROGRAM – This refers to your personal and sales network purchases points of 8% that is similar to a CashBack

You will also get cash rebates from your sales network from the first level to the 10th level members. If you are not good at selling, but your group does better in direct selling or repeat orders, you will still earn a lot from them. Below is the estimated earnings:



Watch this Video to Understand More


5. MULTILEVEL PROGRAM – This is similar to unilevel points, another point system rebates from personal and member purchases that is like a CAshBack, the only difference is that rebates vary based on your status



Watch this video to learn more


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