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I joined Royale in August 2014 But before I recommended the products to anyone, I tried and tested almost all the products because my credibility is priceless.

I used almost All the Beauty Products – the lotion, anti ageing cream, L glutha power cream, pinkish glow toner, pinkish glow cream, L’Opulent anti perspirant, kojic papaya, glutathione, liptstick and took the wellness supplements such as  royale C, grapeseed, fiberich, spirulina, fitshape, gluthathione and Pinkish Glow. The beverages are equally good – the coffee, richarge, and the chocoall8.

Thankfully, the products have exceeded my expectations. I want to share you with you my personal experience on the use of the Royale products:

  • the L’opulent anti perspirant was the miracle I was waiting for because the waxing burned my skin
  • Fiberich helped me to manage my weight because I ate 3-4 times my normal food intake last December vacation but I did not gain weight as much I expected
  • The anti ageing soap removed the dark spots and Warts on my face
  • Grapeseed and Royale C gave me the energy and stamina I don’t use to have because of lack of enough rest and sleep .
  • I also did not get sick or any cold or cough on the last quarter of 2014. I normally get sick due to changing weather conditions in Dubai. Aside from grapessed, royale c, I think the pinkish glow and gluthatione equally contributed as these are anti oxidants and detoxifiers.
  • The best thing is that this is the first time in 5 years that my kids didn’t get sick when we had vacation in the Philippines this December 2014. They normally get sick because of the different environment and weather condition. I think their immune system is stronger because of chocoall8, a chocolate drink with Spirulina and Grapeseed.


I also encouraged my friends and family to try the products.  I got very good feedback and also repeat orders especially from my friends from India.

  • Removed the pimple of my friends’ son and daughter
  • My mom and auntie got stronger after taking the supplements of Spirulina, Prime, Grapeseed and Riqall
  • Remove dark spots  from my friends and my mom’s face, below is her picture which can Tell More

Slide1It’s not just about Me and my family but Royale have proven to be an effective and superior product. The “Superbrands” stamp is a testimony of its High quality.  ENjoy viewing the pictures to see what others have Experienced.

If you want to Look Younger, Feel Better, Live Longer and Enjoy Life More then STop Looking and Start Buying because there is Nothing to lose but Only to Gain.

Remember what Buddha Said “Only You can make Your Life beautiful, be a light unto Yourself”. SO Choose a Better Health because Health is the best Wealth!

Learn more about the Products to have a BEtter Health and Enjoy Life

Read more to Live Well, Feel Well and EArN well



product testimonials



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