Royale Products

Royalè is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation established in 2006. From its headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines, the company is continually changing the landscape as we know it with its international operations in Singapore, Taiwan and UAE.

With pillars of industry leaders backed by years of experience and expertise in Finance and Marketing, the company stands tall as a major player in the industry, offering its wide spectrum of FDA approved, Halal Certified and Super brand awarded health, wellness and beauty products.

royale products

According to research Only 10% of all DISEASES are caused by GERMS,BACTERIAS & VIRUSES and 90%   of all the DISEASES are caused by FREE RADICALS.        

Free radicals can damage cells and are believed to accelerate the progression of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and age-related diseases.

In order to protect the body from free radicals, the body requires antioxidants by:

  • Consuming food rich in vitamins and minerals which means DAily intake of  375 oranges or 87 glasses of red wine or 120 vitamin C tablets OR
  • Taking anti-oxidant pills

Below is the anatomy of Royale health, wellness and beauty products :





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