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First, let me introduce myself because some of you may not know me at all.

I am an expat (Overseas Filipino worker) working in Dubai as an audit manager. Before I became a manager, I worned many hats in my career – customer service representative, events host, teacher, tax analyst, external auditor, researcher, internal auditor, motivator, mentor and a Mother.


Yes, I am full Time Employee and a Mother of Two Toddlers.

I am passionate about personal development, education, and about making a difference in somebody’s life.  In my continuous quest for time freedom, I have come across network marketing, a concept I’ve been very skeptical about.

But when I opened my mind and learned more, I was surprised to learn that big Giants of the business like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Warrant Buffet, Bill Gates and even presidents like Bill Clinton and Philippine President “NOynoy” Aquino are supporting network marketing. In Fact, it is the Highest in Global sales making $167B for the year 2012.


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Here is a summary of a traditional business vs network marketing (also called MLM) which explains WHY the business experts support the concept! It is Simple and profitable because The products are sold Directly to Customers. Compensation is paid to distributors Directly and is not Spent on marketing and other fixed expenses compared to a traditional business. Read more to learn more!

network marketingmlm vs tb


 Unfortunately, this network marketing has been misused a lot. But this is actually a proven marketing strategy used by big companies like Avon, Amway, for centuries now which started in the 1950s.

This networking is also called as direct selling, multi-level marketing, referral marketing, word of mouth marketing and relationship marketing. This is the only business that has the power of leverage and compounding which Einstein said is the 8th wonder of the world.

Take Note that there is also a big difference between networking and Pyramid scheme so Take Care and BewARe!

mlm vs pyramidding


Because of the power of compounding, the earning in this business is Limitless that is why even Jessica Soho, one of the most awarded broadcast journalists in the Philippines confirmed its Legitimacy.

Einstein (2)jessica soho

As I became more aware of the power of network marketing, the next challenge is Finding the right company Because the decision to Choose is Very important.

Because of my dream to retire happy, healthy, holy and wealthy ANd Desire to Own my Time  to enjoy more time with Family, I joined Royale Business Club.

Because the decision to Choose the right company is important that is I want to discuss first about our company Royale Business Club. It is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation in the health and wellness industry with ‘Halal’ certification and multi awarded “Superbrands” status products.

Let me also share some of the many reasons which made me Decide to Choose Royale Business Club among the many companies in the World Today.

royaleIn Royale Business Club I have witnessed janitors, housemaids, high school graduates, disabled people and people from all walks of life Experience Success. You can visualize how this Company have and Can change lives.  Watch the Videos to be inspired by these successful people of Royale.

Inspirational Stories


royale for all

According to Paul Zane Pilzer, a known economist and adviser of former US Presidents, wellness business is the next billion dollar industry. He also said that 10 Million Millionaires will Be created by 2016 and You can become one especially if you are in Direct Selling!


Paul Zane Pisler


Watch his Video Now to Learn more about the Trillion Dollar Industry!

THe Big question is do You want to be one of the few ?  Maybe you have failed in the past on previous MLM or was given false promises – I have been a victim too that is why this time I learned my lesson well and made sure I chose the right one.

But let us remember Winners are those WHo never fail but is is those who Never quit.  As Zig Ziglar SAid we are all born winners – so Together  let us plan to WIN prepare to WIn and expect to WIn!!

Because health and wellness is the next billion dollar as Paul Zane Pilzer said, naturally, success of this company is unLimiTed so Stop Staring and Start Doing. Partner with Us Now!

trillion dollar industry

Let us Partner Together to Learn, Explore, Dream, Achieve, Succeed, Create and Live to Inspire MAny.  How to Join Royale


Remember that everything happens for a reason that is why you Found Me. If you are hungry for a more Meaningful life Or  Want to Help others Live an Enrich Physical, Spiritual and Financial Life, Let’s do it together!  Get Invoved in this Life Changing Business NoW!

God bless and May ALL our dreams COme True.

Wandalyn Tan-Calupig

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