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Because it is my purpose to Live to Inspire, develop and share the best part of myself with others, may this website Teach you and Inspire You to ChAse Your Dreams and follow the Path of Successful people in the stories below.

If you have not Seen yet, Watch this video First to Learn what expert say about the Trillion Dollar Industry! Paul Zane Pilzer is a Known economist, adviser of former US 2 presidents, a millionaire and a successful entrepreneur.

My kids and I used to be sick because of weather changes here in Dubai. Aside from the emotional pain when kids get sick, the cost of health care is very expensive, that is why I definitely agree with Paul Zane Pilzer that health and wellness is a trillion dollar industry. Since last year, I started using supplements and give chocolate (with spirulina) to my kids because prevention is better than cure, thankfully we’ve been Sick Free since Then.

Now that You know, here is a Proof of how this Trillion dollar industry has created MIllioNaires in our Company, Royale Business Club.  It is important to know because it will truly Inspire You !

Business Experts and Jessica Soho, one of the most awarded broadcast journalists in the Philippines, confirmed that this business is legitimate so STop DoubtTing, Read More, learn More and Grow with us NoW!

network marketing supporterjessica soho

Remember that Royale is for ALL walks of life because here  construction worker, janitors, students, saleslady, nurse, housemaid, housewives, military officer , doctors, students, housewives, accountants, senior citizen, engineers, band vocalist, overseas Filipino workers, basketball player, entrepreneurs have ExperienceD Success!


A former construction worker, whose dream is to help his family get out from poverty. Arnel Salazar, the first MOVERS and SHAKERS CIRCLE awardee that earned Php 30 million (USD 670,000)

arnel salazararnel salazar2



A former janitor and pizza delivery boy at SM mall North Edsa who believes in “WORKING SMART” and made a BiG difference to achieve success. He is a PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE awardee who earned Php 15 million


juan bernales janitor & pizza delivery


A former working student at SM San Lazaro, whose motivation is to support his family after leaving his province Pollilio Island in Quezon Province. He is The Top 2 Performer and CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE awardee who earned Php 15 million and is now earing PHP1M per week.

edcel flores  edcel flores3


A medical doctor and a BPO employee. was invited on 2006 by the their friend, currently no.1 in the company – Mr Jerome Cruz – and rejected the offer but joined after 6 years when they have witnessed the changes of Mr. Cruz way of life. Power Couple Doc Philip Guasa and Jarlet Guasa awarded as an EXECUTIVE CIRCLE member who earned Php 1 million




One of the core leaders of the Royale Phoenix Prodigy Team. Jerome Cruz, the first WISDOM CIRCLE awardee who earned Php 75 million and the Top 1 performer for 3 consecutive years

jerome cruz


In Royale – janitors, sales lady, student, housemaids , housewife, doctors, nurses, military officer, accountants and people from all walks of life Experience Success.


sales lady nurse labandera kuwait ofw housewife afp

Even those who are already successful in their own fields have joined Royale.

basketball players james cooper

Student already earning while studying




Accountants and other professionals




IMG_5910 IMG_6017

Band Vocalist of Six Part Invention

kaye cantong


Teen Actor Francis Magundayao is also a proud Royalista



POliticians  and the Famous Elevator Girl are Royalistas as Too!


elevator girl and politiciaN 

The best is that this is not just for Filipinos because Many other Nationalities have joined Royale Business Club



africa iabgn lahi indian others2



united colors of royale



arab arab2 indian


Now that you know the power of Royale, is it Time to Learn HOW to become part of the successful people.



STEP 1:     Understand Royale Business

  • Attend Royale Business Presentation (RBP) o
  • Send me an email  ( or to schedule an appointment.


STEP 2.  Fill Out the Independent Distributors Form or Provide the below information and we will fill up on your behalf:

  • Full name (First Name, Middle Name and Last Name)
  • Address
  • Birthday
  • Contact number/s
  • Email Address
  • Civil Status
  • Spouse Name
  • Beneficiary (Accident Insurance). If below 10 years old please indicate the name of the Guardian

 Sample Distributors Form



 STEP 3. BUY a product package To be an INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR of Royale, please take note

  • Price of the package vary depending on which country you Register your account. Below are the value for UAE and Philippines plan and the converted values in UAE dirhams.


  • The value of subsequent packages are discounted at a Lower Price


package cost

Taiwan, Singapore and soon to open offices in London, Qatar and other countries have their own package prices/plans.


  • Product value of the package will vary depending on Country where you Register and the Package selected.



Philippine Package Options

ph package




UAE Package Options

uae package






Additional benefits after registration as Independent Distributor



  •     Up to 30% Lifetime Discounts

  •     Accident Insurance Worth 320,000 Pesos (for Philippine accounts only)

  •     24/7 Virtual Office Real Time Independent Distributor Tracking Center

  •    Marketing Tools

Once You Become a Royale Independent Distributor, the discounts is for LIFETIME and the best Part is that there is

no Quota and  No expiration of points and is

Transferrable to your beneficiaries..


Step 4. Pay for the package

After selecting the package, pay for the fees. Below are the accepted forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Cash Card / ATM / Debit Card

If you are residing outside Philippines, UAE, Taiwan or Singapore, shipping cost is applicable which may vary depending on the package Chosen  and final destination. This is because of the weight of the package, details  as follows:

  • Option A-  7 kilograms
  • Option B-  5 kilograms
  • Option C-  4 kilograms
  • Option D-  3 kilograms
  • Option E-  3 kilograms


If you decide to open an account in UAE, money can be sent thru Western Union.

For the account in the Philippines, you can send it to any of the following,

  • BDO
  • RCBC
  • Cebuana
  • Western Union
  • M Lhuiller
  • LBC Pera Padala
  • Smart Money

( Kindly email  for account details and shipping details )

If shipment is within the Philippines, the shipment thru LBC or JRS normally takes 2 to 3 days depending on the distance.

If the shipment is ABROAD, the shipment thru DHL, FedEx or Philpost may take 2 to 4 OR up to 7 days depending on the distance.

Please note that you can recover the cost of the shipment thru pricing because you can sell the product above the suggested retail price (SRP).


STEP 5: Get Your ID

If you cannot visit any of the branches or are residing Abroad, we  can process and claim the ID on your behalf. You just need to send

  • Scanned copy of Authorization Letter
  • 2 Scanned Softcopy of any Valid ID’s ( Drivers License, SSS ID, GSIS ID, PRC ID, Voters ID, Passport,etc. )
  • 3 Specimen Signature (should be similar to the signature in the Scanned ID’s)
  • 1 Pc 1×1 Picture

Sample Scanned copy of ID’s with Specimen Signature

sample 2

For any questions or inquiries, you can leave your comment/s below or email

Once you become a member we will guide you all the way to make sure you will Experience Success.

Now that you are a Partner, its time to Learn to Succeed, Create and Live to Inspire Many. ConTaCt Me NoW!

STEP 6: Learn to start Earning  

UAE Compensation Plan

Philippine Compensation Plan






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