Philippine Package

Congratulations for finding this great business opportunity!

Royale Business Club is a business opportunity with high quality products,  dynamic, innovative & sustainable system of product distribution & marketing while adhering to the highest standards of integrity & excellence.

Here are the package options. Each Package Plan costs Php 14,790

*every package has varying worth of products

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Please note that the more packages you purchase will mean higher return on investment.




Multiple account package - 1-3-7-15 and 31


Inclusion & Benefits

  • Lifetime discount for up to 30% off on all RoyalÈ products
  • Marketing tools like catalogue with pricelist, videos of Royale products in a CD, flyerS, registration forms, a folder, a Royale bag and an ID/ Identification  card.
  • Free account page to monitor all transactions ( e.g. points to cash, rebates and member rebates). it’s like you have your own secretary and accountant for life.
  • Accident insurance worth 320,000Php.

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